EVERYTHING I WISH I’D KNOWN is a series of four workshops about healing, each about two hours in length, run with a small group of women either over Zoom, or in person. Each workshop is centred around a theme – culture, conditioning, self discovery and expansion – and explores the ideas of authors who tackle the theme in a way that is truly eye-opening. Each session sheds more light on the origins of ongoing patterns of pain and stress, and what makes healing possible. The series turns a range of illuminating insights, books and tools into a uniquely comprehensive and accessible synthesis that participants can make their own.

  • Workshop 1 puts women’s pain into a cultural context by looking at what it means for a culture to be matrilineal, matrilocal, matriarchal, or patriarchal – and how a culture can move from honouring women, to being patriarchal.
  • Workshop 2 looks at the relationship between feminine ideals, female socialisation, childhood conditioning and the physiology of stress and repression.
  • Workshop 3 offers a path for self discovery through mind and body, shame and anger, and the fear and experience of isolation for women.
  • Workshop 4 looks at what masters of different fields – specifically yoga, art, connection, and wealth – have to say about expansion and growth, and how it takes place.

Cost: NZ$200 / AUS$190 / US$130 per person for the series.

Register your interest by e-mailing me at – I’ll respond with more details and options for session times.

The in person workshops are held in the Wellington region and are more interactive, so allow three hours. If you are interested in those, I look forward to meeting you!


These workshops have been developed out of seven years of independent study, prompted by an experience I had in Christmas 2013 that pushed me to learn about myself as a woman and about the mind and body connection like I had not before. I had been in a relationship for seven months, and I’d seen signs that the relationship wouldn’t be entirely healthy for me, but tried to ignore or accept those things because I loved this man so much.

When he went overseas to spend Christmas with his family that year, to my own surprise, I stopped eating – and sleeping – for two weeks. I did not know I had the capacity to lose my appetite for that long and not be interested in, or consume, solid food for so long, but the idea of eating made me feel sick for a fortnight. I was already slim, but I lost seven extra kilos and I would have lost more if the spell wasn’t broken by my then-partner coming back.

I didn’t tell my partner or anyone who wasn’t there at the time about what happened, because I was so ashamed. Who creates a life-and-death drama, and needs to see a doctor, because their partner went on holiday? I was mortified to have done that.

At the same time I knew I needed to understand what happened, to help myself and to know that I could be on my own without him and not starve. I didn’t heal through medical advice, I definitely didn’t heal through any 0800 helpline type advice, or through affirmations or mindfulness as it is generally taught. I healed by reading, learning why the body can appear to turn on itself with such power, keeping my bullshit radar on and not accepting ideas that did not make sense to me, and by making myself a map out of the state of dependency I hadn’t even known I was in, with those tools.

Over time, that map freed me from the catch-22 I was in – stay in a relationship with someone I love but that’s unhealthy for me, or leave and starve. I can now see that many people live in a range of very similar traps, and why. Pulling myself out of that state with books is where these workshops come from, and I believe in them so much and I’m so keen to share them more widely – especially with women in my own community. I want to meet women who want to work with these tools!

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