A Scrapbook Herstory: Complete four-volume set

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The complete set of colour-illustrated Scrapbook Herstory zines take the reader on a journey through women’s writing – from the evolution of life on earth until the age of American imperialism. The series is global, and includes women’s voices from every continent – from Algeria to the Amazon, Chile to China, Iran to Indonesia, Nicaragua to New Zealand, Palau to the Philippines. Each quote is a signpost to important voices and further reading. The series is meant to introduce the work of a range of feminists, as well as offer a potted herstory that – for busy women – can be browsed in bites, rather than read in long concentrated sessions.

A Scrapbook Herstory Volume 1: Evolution, Matriarchy, Spirit


This 64-page book full of colour illustrations takes the reader from the evolution of life on earth to the Neolith, and describes the women-centred cultures that existed globally before the creation of patriarchy 5,000 years ago, and before European colonisation.

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A Scrapbook Herstory Volume 2: The Creation of Patriarchy


This 40-page book full of colour illustrations clearly explains how patriarchy was created 5,000 years ago. This book is very similar to History As Told By Women, but is designed as the second volume in a four-part chronological herstory series. So, it includes some extra information and images relating to ancient Egypt, and concludes with explanations about how the church moved to control the institution of marriage in the Carolingian period.

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A Scrapbook Herstory Volume 3: The Fall of Rome til 1900


This 56-page book full of colour illustrations takes the reader from the Dark Ages, the rise of the Catholic church and the Crusades and witchcraze, to the colonisation of Ireland and the Americas, and the advent of slavery. It covers peasant revolts and rebellions against slavery, and the development of liberalism, socialism, and first wave feminism. A potted herstory designed as the third volume in a four-part chronological series. This series is a great overview and springboard for further feminist reading, and any booklet would make a great gift for a feminist friend young or old, and early or far along in her explorations.

A Scrapbook Herstory Volume 4: The Twentieth Century


This 56-page book is a global, women’s survey of the twentieth century that opens with Sheila Jeffreys on the advent of sexology before WWI, and ends with the United States military invasion of Iraq in 2003. The book is an illustration of women’s resistance to masculinity and militarism, with a focus on American imperialism. It contains women’s voices from the Black Liberation Movement, the Cuban revolution, Latin America, the Pacific, China, Russia and the Middle East. In the final section, a quote from Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine summarises neoliberalism, and quotes from Vandana Shiva (India), Yayori Matsui (author of Women in the New Asia), Wangari Maathai (Kenya), and Mae Kongsri Sopawet (Thailand) demonstrate both the global effects of neoliberalisation, and women’s resistance to it. Each page is not only a statement, but a piece of the puzzle that the Scrapbook Herstory series puts together, and a signpost to important voices and further reading (also listed in the bibliography).

History as Told by Women


In 50 pages History As Told By Women takes the reader on a journey.

Illustrations from feminist historians and writers are used to describe exactly how patriarchy – a society ruled by men was created only about 5,000 years ago.

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