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Original sin: How the law makes a crime of being female

“The justice system is the core of patriarchy,” Gudrun Jonsdottir told me. Jonsdottir has been part of the ...
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The status of women in New Zealand: A summary of findings and independent working report

This report gathers findings from a range of sources, as well as including anecdotal material on unresearched aspects ...
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The demons within: On liberal opposition to Nazism in the face of popular eugenics

My sister had to run away to the jungle. There are a lot of things we have experienced. ...
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Gender identity: Quick facts and stats

This is a collection of facts and statistics relating to gender identity, catered to a New Zealand audience. ...
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Censored from Scoop: Healy and NZPC should be under investigation – not knighted

This article was recently removed from Scoop Media without notice, by that great advocate of free speech, Alastair ...
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Adding insult to injury: On the invisibility of women in men's "free speech debate"

On Adult Forum, New Zealand's largest forum dedicated to sex trade advertising and reviews, men can speak freely ...
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History as Told by Women


In 50 pages History As Told By Women takes the reader on a journey.

Illustrations from feminist historians and writers are used to describe exactly how patriarchy – a society ruled by men was created only about 5,000 years ago.

Resistance is a simple concept: power, unjust and immoral, is confronted and dismantled.

— Lierre Keith