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Feminists must think radically to reject sex self-identification laws

Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense ...
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Transgenderism: the latest phase of disaster capitalism

Believers in the shock doctrine are convinced that only a great rupture – a flood, a war, a ...
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Conquest: on the inseparability of militarism and prostitution

As long as men have gone to war, they have kidnapped women and children for sexual slavery. According ...
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The creation of patriarchy: How did it happen?

I began with the conviction, shared by most feminist thinkers, that patriarchy as a system is historical: it ...
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Censored piece: Jeez, Louise – may we have our own thoughts, please?

This piece starts with an explanatory note and story about the article to follow. The article itself - ...
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Pride, police, politicians, pundits and prison abolitionists: What's going on?

To say the least, there are echoes of the Emperor’s new clothes in our annual Pride Parades. Since ...
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By the numbers: The oppression of women and girls globally

Last updated: 31.03.20 Previous: 29.03.20, 01.08.19, 26.01.19, 23.01.19, 22.01.19, 30.12.18, 28.12.18, 27.11.18, 15.11.18, 13.11.18, 3.11.18, 21.10.18, 17.10.18, 12.10.18, ...
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#MeToo and the call for "restorative justice": Are they compatible?

In New Zealand, “restorative justice” (RJ) advocacy is currently in vogue. In August, the government held a $1.6 ...
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Original sin: How the law makes a crime of being female

“The justice system is the core of patriarchy,” Gudrun Jonsdottir told me. Jonsdottir has been part of the ...
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Censored from Scoop: Healy and NZPC should be under investigation – not knighted

This article was recently removed from Scoop Media without notice, by that great advocate of free speech, Alastair...
Suzzan Blac - The No-Fuss Mechanical Rape

Adding insult to injury: On the invisibility of women in men's "free speech debate"

On Adult Forum, New Zealand's largest forum dedicated to sex trade advertising and reviews, men can speak freely...
burned letter

Censored from Scoop: NZPC slammed in open letter to ministers from “sex workers”

This article was recently removed from Scoop Media without notice, by Scoop editor Alastair Thompson. Details of the...

Censored from Scoop: Green Party sex self-identification proposals are “transphobic”

I am getting very used to censorship by so-called leftist outlets. Scoop Media published this article on May...

Censorship, big money, blackmail and backlash: Why more New Zealand women aren't speaking out on gender identity

Last week, I was offered a chance by TV One's Q&A to present a feminist take on the...
speak out

New Zealand women, speak out: Misogynists are getting bolder

Between June 12 and 17, two women were violently raped by strangers, while out in public in Carlton,...

There has never been a democracy, so far–only an androcracy

— Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Man-Made World

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