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From The Herald to Spinoff, Massive and Salient to Radio NZ – the New Zealand media is grooming girls for prostitution

A little while ago, I was having roti chanai at a favourite Malaysian takeout with a friend, when ...
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Crying wolf: on hollow "unity" and the left's affinity with humiliated men

There is a story, told in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, of an American man who received ...
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Reflections on sexual freedom, feminism and growing up female

When I was a child, the longing for excitement is why I wanted to be big, to grow ...
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Insisting that women are female isn't extreme – institutionalising medicalised, patriarchal ideals is

New Zealand's Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) has begun running a "trans healthcare" pilot programme that will, in ...
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Fundamentalism, pseudoscience, romanticism, and scapegoats: some parallels of gender identity doctrine with Nazi eugenics

Over the last few years, mainstream acceptance of gender identity ideology has grown rapidly. It seems like every ...
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Have some "intersectionality" with your Honey Bumbles: On Gavin Hubbard's theft of a Samoan victory

In March this year, the Australian International weightlifting championships were held in Melbourne. The event made news when ...
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Get your story straight on the bathroom debate

“I’ve never spent more time in a bathroom than is necessary,” says New Zealand Herald columnist Lizzie Marvelly, ...
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Transadvocates – please look up the Nuremberg Code!

Recently, psychologist and media personality Nigel Latta was interviewed on TV1's Breakfast show alongside Awa, an eighteen year ...
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Six survivors speak out about New Zealand's punishing "sex" industry

Below are six testimonies from women who have all been exploited within New Zealand's sex trade, and who ...
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On Finding Spirit (My story of reading and radicalising: Part II) 

If we were going to start from scratch why not deconstruct the whole premise? - DQ Through a...

On Finding Solidarity (My story of reading and radicalising: Part I)

No more can I dull my rage In alcohol and deference To men’s courts I will come to...

Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk

Below is the text of a twelve-minute talk I gave in Brisbane on October 12, 2019. The talk...

Real “wellbeing” means addressing the demands of midwives, teachers – women

During the election period in 2017, historian Anne Salmond wrote hopefully about an emerging trend she called “Jacindamania.” The appeal...

Gender harms women: Feedback on international recommendations to the New Zealand government

Feedback on the recommendations from New Zealand’s third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council in...
Source: KPFA Women's Mag

"Where are the women?": An interview with Cynthia Enloe

I began to read feminist literature -- real, radical feminist literature -- around 2014, and found it transformative....

There has never been a democracy, so far–only an androcracy

— Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Man-Made World

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