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How Apirana Ngata pioneered contemporary "creativity in schools"

"Creativity" is a twenty-first century buzzword, and it's been refreshing in recent years to see thinkers like Ken Robinson apply ...
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When the shoe won't fit: transgenderism's sticking points

I have two good friends who are mums with small boys who like wearing nail polish and dresses, ...
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"An alibi for voyeurism": sexual politics at the Wellington City Gallery

Last year, Te Papa museum exhibited one of my favourite Aotearoa artworks. It was part of a small ...
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If yoga is a peace practice, can we still do it in Bali?

Article written for West Papua with Sarrah Jayne, Off the Mat Wellington The practice of yoga is an art and a ...
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The importance of music at school: lessons from Ngataki

In February this year, Radio New Zealand reported that music in schools is in crisis. Programmes receive meager funding from the Education ...
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Some johns are policemen: on sexual violence, reporting, and legalising prostitution

On May 26, Amnesty International released a policy on prostitution, advocating for the global decriminalisation of prostitution worldwide, ...
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On rape culture, and why I wear a whistle

This piece is written in response to Amnesty International's just released policy on prostitution, a recent piece on "sex ...
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Why the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective shouldn't get the first and final say on prostitution

As a rule, trade unions take their industries for granted. We're not likely to see the president of ...
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How Te Papa exploits its bicultural policy to manufacture Maori consent for whitewashed histories

...and why Aotearoa needs to see a 100% Pacific-curated exhibition about the impact of empire, and resistance to empire, in Oceania. ...
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On Finding Spirit (My story of reading and radicalising: Part II) 

If we were going to start from scratch why not deconstruct the whole premise? - DQ Through a...

On Finding Solidarity (My story of reading and radicalising: Part I)

No more can I dull my rage In alcohol and deference To men’s courts I will come to...

Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk

Below is the text of a twelve-minute talk I gave in Brisbane on October 12, 2019. The talk...

Real “wellbeing” means addressing the demands of midwives, teachers – women

During the election period in 2017, historian Anne Salmond wrote hopefully about an emerging trend she called “Jacindamania.” The appeal...

Gender harms women: Feedback on international recommendations to the New Zealand government

Feedback on the recommendations from New Zealand’s third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council in...
Source: KPFA Women's Mag

"Where are the women?": An interview with Cynthia Enloe

I began to read feminist literature -- real, radical feminist literature -- around 2014, and found it transformative....

Radical feminist theorists do not seek to make gender a bit more flexible, but to eliminate it. They are gender abolitionists, and understand gender to provide the framework and rationale for male dominance.

— Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism

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