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Trigger warning: feminism, women's rights


This is a blog of writing by Renee Gerlich – mainly on women’s rights, education and the literacy gap, and militarism.

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8 thoughts on “About

      1. Why have you used my name in your article without my permission. I’m a transgender women and support the LBGTI community and will have no part of this. Take me out of you article immediately.


  1. Greetings Renee,
    Two weeks ago I had no idea that 17 males (and counting) have been transferred into women’s prisons in NZ – where the Department of Corrections tell us that “Two-thirds of women in prison have been a victim of family violence, and half a victim of sexual violence…52% of women in prison have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” Over half of women prisoners in Aotearoa are wahine maori.
    I also didn’t know that school children are being asked to suspend material reality and “acknowledge” multiple “identities” such as transgender, pangender, agender, frostgender, demiboy, demigirl, neutrois, aporagender, lunagender – and presumably 7 billion or so others.
    I had no idea that in countries like Canada, the USA and UK, men were sexually assaulting women in women’s refuges, exposing themselves to women and girls in changing rooms and committing serious sexual crimes against women and those crimes are being statistically counted as committed by “women”.
    There is only one way this Orwellian nightmare can be stopped – and that is through radical feminist critique and organisation – women need to meet immediately and create a group – I suggest it be called WOMENS LIBERATION AOTEAROA .
    I am based in Wellington and would very much like to meet you.
    In solidarity

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  2. I’m lisa Irwin. Why have you puy me in your article without my permission. I’m a transgender women and I support the LBGTI community. I will have no part of this and I suggest you remove me from your article immediately thank you.


    1. Hi Lisa,
      I watched the documentary “Born This Way”, and have every right to quote from published material in my own work. I’m sorry that you did not seek name suppression, if that is something you now regret. Unfortunately once one makes public statements with one’s name attached, one cannot control where they are quoted and by whom.
      Many thanks,


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