Gender identity: Quick facts and stats

This is a collection of facts and statistics relating to gender identity, catered to a New Zealand audience.


Who identifies as transgender?

  • Heterosexual adult males comprise the majority of adult-to-trans people (Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts). Though transgenderism is often represented as indigenous, these men are mainly white. The overwhelming majority retain their male genitalia.
  • Ruth Barrett reports in Female Erasure that an estimated 0.3% – 0.5% of males define themselves as women.
  • According to a 2003 study by John Hopkins School of Medicine, one in 11,900 males and one in 30,400 females identify as “transgender”.
  • A recent New Zealand study suggests that at least 1.2 percent of secondary school children identify as transgender (Jennifer Bilek and Mary Ceallaigh, in Female Erasure, 2016, source not cited.)
  • Diane Ehrensahft, founding member of the Child and Adolescent Gender Centre in San Francisco, claims that infants who can’t yet speak can still be diagnosed as transgender based on actions like unclipping baby onesies to make them into a “dress”, or rejecting hair clips.
  • Children as young as five are being affirmed as the opposite sex and fully socially transitioned into the identity of the opposite sex. Genitalia tuckers for natal boys and penis prostheses for natal girls are available to purchase for children as young as six.
  • RainbowYouth, a New Zealand organisation, promotes breast binding in schools. This is also a tacit way of encouraging the next step, double mastectomies. These have been carried out on young women in New Zealand who identify as transgender.
  • PPTAAccording to the American College of Pediatricians (ACP), 80-95% of pre-pubertal children with gender dysphoria will experience resolution by late adolescence if not exposed to social affirmation and medical intervention.
  • Puberty blocking medication followed by cross sex hormone medication leads to sterilisation 100% of the time, because this course of treatment prevents the reproductive anatomy from developing.
  • According to the ACP, the largest study of twin transsexual adults found that only 20% of identical twins were both trans-identified. If genes and/or prenatal hormones contributed to transgenderism, this would be closer to 100%.
  • Many reports show a pattern in girls being treated as “transgender” as also suffering from anorexia and/or autism.
  • The trend we are now witnessing is saying, in essence, that for 1 in 100 children the body that their mother gestated and birthed and brought to earth is not good enough – and that biology is not something to love and respect.” (Bilek and Ceallaigh, 2016)
  • It is often claimed that the existence of intersex conditions proves the legitimacy of claims that males can become female and vice-versa. That this claim is absurd and rife with contradictions at the outset should be self evident.

Experimental gay eugenics

  • While the majority of trans identified adults are male and heterosexual, a landmark study by psychiatrist and lawyer Richard Green found that up to 80% – the great majority – of children diagnosed with gender identity disorder become lesbian, homosexual or bisexual (Yale University, 1987). Because this diagnosis puts children on a medical trajectory that ultimately results in sterilisation, many feminists call transgenderism a new form of gay eugenics.
  • In Iran, transgenderism is used by doctors as a “cure” for homosexuality, which also reduces executions. Those who wish to remain in Iran often receive a shocking prescription to have surgery to change their gendered appearance and appear heterosexual. Iran has between 15,000 and 20,000 transsexuals, according to official statistics. Unofficial estimates put the figure up at 150,000. (Bilek and Ceallaigh, 2016)
  • A 2018 gynecological study invesigates the possibility of utilising the uteri surgically removed from females who undergo gender reassignment procedures, for installation into the bodies of males who undergo sex reassignment procedures. This kind of experimentation is part of a longer history of sexist, racist and homophobic eugenics that also has roots in the Nazi era.

Big money and media

  • The new, global pharmaceutical industry is now the most profitable industry on earth, outpacing oil, gas and chemicals combined (Bilek and Ceallaigh, 2016).
  • According to the ACP, there are now 40 gender clinics across the United States that promote the use of pubertal suppression and cross-sex hormones in children.
  • The top five funders that have provided over 55% of all trans lobby and media funding from 2011-13 include such major players as the Open Society Foundation (George Soros), Arcus Foundation, Tawani Foundation, Tides Foundation, and many officially “anonymous” donors with high profiles in tech, medicine and entertainment – such as the wealthiest CEO in the United States, Martine Rothblatt (Bilek and Ceallaigh, 2016). Starbucks has recently announced its support, and in New Zealand, transactivism has corporate backing from Air New Zealand, NZME, to ANZ Bank to Fletcher Building (see video at 14:00).
  • In 2013 transgenderism barely registered on our cultural radar. By 2014 there’d been a 400% spike in media coverage (and this was before the transition of Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner). Though transgender individuals make up less than 4% of the population (but growing), there were at least nineteen new television shows featuring a transgender character in 2014. (Bilek and Ceallaigh, 2016)
  • Feminists have written extensively about postmodern theories of gender as a backlash to the Women’s Studies departments that were set up in feminism’s “second wave”, in the 1970s and 80s. The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism is a notable anthology. Students at Otago University have replaced their Women’s Week with a “Period Week”, and this year the campus “feminist” organisation printed thousands of stickers saying “Boys Bleed Too” to spread around campus in celebration, believing that “Period Week” was still too female-centric.
  • Most if not all women’s organisations in New Zealand have capitulated to the demands of transactivism. That is true of both Women’s Refuge and the National Council of Women (NCW).
  • In this climate, silencing, censorship and blacklisting of feminists who are critical of transgender politics is now commonplace in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Because of this, women are resorting to protest. Lesbians around the world are protesting transgenderism, and this year alone have protested at Pride Parades in Auckland, San Francisco, London and beyond.
  • Plenty of trans-identified people, like Miranda Yardley, and detransitioners, like Jade Praerie, are speaking out against the irreversible harms of trans ideology on women and trans-identified people alike.


  • Transactivists claim that men who identify as women must be given priority in women’s services because they are at more at risk of violence than biological women.
  • In the decade between 2008 and 2018, there were two reported murders of trans-identified people in New Zealand.
  • In the seven years between 2009 and the end of 2015, 79 women who had already suffered a recorded history of partner violence were killed in New Zealand by men. Note that this is only the number of women killed by men with a prior recorded history of partner violence, meaning that these deaths were all entirely preventable.
  • The website Woman Count USA has recorded the names of over 800 women that were killed in the United States by men, in the seven months between January and July 2018.
  • International studies show that trans-identified males do exhibit male pattern violence. Reports of violence against women by trans-identified men abound. The Woman Means Something database collects and collates such reports.
  • In New Zealand, Malcolm Platt, Rory Francis, and Alex Seu are local trans-identifying male sex offenders whose access to already overflowing women’s prisons would be eased with current Green Party proposals to turn sex self-identification through birth certificate amendments a simple, one-step process.
  • In New Zealand, Official Information Act requests have revealed that there are currently approximately thirty-three trans-identified males in New Zealand prisons in total. Eighteen are in for violent crimes, including sexual assault. Seven are in women’s prisons already. According to Corrections New Zealand, in 2017 alone, four assaults were reported against women by trans-identified persons in women’s prisons.


  • Women are told that the suicide rates facing trans-identified people are extraordinarily high, and that therefore, we should refrain from asking critical questions about gender identity.
  • Yet, as stated, adult males constitute the majority of those who identify as transgender, and the male suicide rate is higher than the female suicide rate, as Statistics NZ reports. It makes sense that among a concentrated group of males who have dysphoria in common, as well as experiences with high-risk invasive medical intervention and surgery, suicide rates would be markedly higher.
  • According to the World Health Organisation’s 2014 report Preventing Suicide, suicide is the leading cause of death globally for teen girls aged 15-19. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention stated that suicide among teenage girls hit a 40-year high in 2015.

Female-only spaces

  • Transgenderism undermines women’s sports. In recent years, Gavin Hubbard has represented New Zealand in women’s weightlifting, and “Kate” Weathersley has competed in men’s and women’s mountain biking simultaneously. In March 2017, Hubbard won gold in the Australian International weightlifting championships after lifting 19 kilos more than Samoan silver medallist Iuniarra Sipaia. In the States, Fallon Fox is a male who dominates women’s mixed martial arts.
  • Transactivists like to ridicule women who seek to keep female-only bathrooms and changing rooms female-only. Women’s only bathrooms were fought for by first wave feminists seeking to increase women’s participation in public life, and are still being fought for the same reasons by feminists for instance in India.

Female erasure

  • Transgenderism brings with it a drive to erase references to female genitalia, menstruation, pregnancy and abortion.
  • Abortion Law Reform New Zealand increasingly refers to “pregnant people” rather than pregnant women. Their 2018 submission on abortion law reform includes the word ‘women’ only twice, preferring “pregnant people” and “people with a uterus”. Such language is reductionist and dehumanising. As Rachel Moran writes in her book Paid For, a classic misogynist joke asks ‘What is a woman?’ and answers, ‘A support system for a pussy.’ Transgenderism encourages women to think of themselves in such reductionist terms.
  • In the United States, MaryLou Singleton was kicked out of the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) when she objected to the removal of the sex-specific terms like “women” and “female” from MANA’s core competency documents. An open letter to MANA from Singleton and a Collective of Many Midwives can be found here.
  • Globally, taboos on female biology such as those described above contribute to the oppression of women and girls. This sex-based oppression of includes sex selective abortion and female infanticide; female genital mutilation; the forced marriage of 15 million girl children annually; forced hijab; denial of education including sex education; poverty and sweatshop labour; domestic servitude and abuse; sex trafficking (98% of sex trafficking victims are female); honor killings and acid attacks, among many other abuses. This oppression is profitable: sex trafficking generates U.S. $32 billion a year; pornography about US$97.06 billion.

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  1. The ‘pregnant people’ move to accommodate a tiny percentage of the population, has been swift and sudden. So easy to change the words, to redefine. It seems so innocent – it is ‘inclusive’ – and it is just words, afterall.

    Meanwhile, pregnant women are increasingly robbed of choice and autonomy. This rewording, is an added blow in a system that already dehumanises and devalues the maternal.

    It is not just words, afterall. It is a major distraction from the very real human rights violations occurring in our maternity system.

    (and that is just one part, as this excellent summary shows)

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  4. Women, forever accommodating due to our socialisation, have no idea how this will blindside them in the coming decades. More importantly our daughters and granddaughters. I’m terrified for my own daughter/granddaughter, for whom I must continue to fight and to educate people on the incredible misogyny built into the transgender movement.

  5. Hi, just saying that maybe you should reconsider using the American College of Paediatricians as a source as they are not a legitimate college but a conservative organisation- they are against abortion, supportive of conversion therapy and against gay parenting, etc etc etc…

    1. Hi Zuni. When there are a number of fully resourced, feminist research institutions that women can quote from, I will quote from them, and take criticisms about my sources much more readily when they are anything other than feminist. Thank you.

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