Press release: Feminists Lead Auckland Pride Parade

This press release was sent to major New Zealand media outlets on February 17, and not published. This is a video of our action here.


This evening, feminist activists Charlie Montague and Renée Gerlich dropped a banner at the front of the Auckland Pride Parade. The banner read:


“Organisations like RainbowYouth and InsideOut, as well as the Pride Parade, must stop endorsing medical experimentation, child abuse, sexist stereotyping, and the destruction of female-only and lesbian spaces,” says Gerlich, who reached out to RainbowYouth and InsideOut with an open letter in 2016.

Montague adds that, “Lesbians around the world are trying to draw attention to the harm of gender identity on lesbians, and we are being silenced.”

Between 2009-16, the number of women and girls in Wellington being referred to endocrinologists for medical gender transition increased twelvefold: from three to forty-one referrals. Sex hormone prescriptions are forecast to continue rising, and are not leading to decreasing suicide statistics or increased wellbeing. Studies also show that globally, disproportionate numbers of young women being medicated are lesbian.

Throughout the West, children as young as three are being encouraged to undergo gender transition. The prescription of puberty blockers to children as young as ten, followed by sex hormones in adolescence is sterilising children. Children as young as six are being given genital tuckers and prosthetic dildos, and RainbowYouth in New Zealand has been distributing free breast binders in schools. These apply pressure to women’s chests in order to damage tissue and inhibit breast growth, also causing lung damage.

“The New Zealand Herald reported the impacts of a course of testosterone treatment on a Northland lesbian teen in 2017,” says Gerlich. “She now recognises that she is female. Testosterone, prescribed to put her on the path of gender transition, has left her potentially infertile with a permanently lowered voice, increased body hair and worsened depression that has lead to suicide attempts. The promotion of this kind of medicalised abuse is what we are protesting at Pride.”

“By distributing breast binders in schools, RainbowYouth promotes dysphoria and the mutilation of women’s bodies. It’s doublespeak for them to do this in the name of ‘Pride’.”

The physician who leads the gender transition programme at Auckland’s District Health Board, Jeannie Oliphant, says that she herself does not know what gender is. “What makes people transgender?” she says. “I don’t think we know any more than we know why I was born left-handed and my sister was born right-handed.” Young people in New Zealand cannot be making informed decisions around gender transition when the appointed experts are in the dark themselves, and this means medical experimentation and breach of medical ethics.

Montague says that “Gender is a system of “pink and blue” sex-based stereotyping. Without these gender stereotypes there are no “trans” children. We want to break down stereotypes so that youth can be whoever they want to be – without being medicalised for it.”




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22 thoughts on “Press release: Feminists Lead Auckland Pride Parade”

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  4. I would be worried if I was a doctor involved in transiting minors…in the future this could be view as unethical medical practise. There definitely needs to be some social conversation on this & the rights of children to be upheld until they are of age to understand the full implications of medical intervention on their life.

  5. This is complete propaganda. Adolescents are given hormone blockers which is a completely safe and reversible treatment. In NZ you have to be over 18 for hormone treatment, have lived as a transgender man / woman for two plus years and overcome many many other obstacles including being under the ongoing care of a counsellor / psychologist and psychiatrist as well a medical professional.

    So this is just an excuse to be a trans-phobic bigot.

    Transgender children who are made to go through puberty suffer horrible gender dysphoria and have high rates of mental illness and suicide. The amount of children on hormone blockers committing suicide? Never heard a statistic about that.

    PRIDE is about love, not hate, so take your bullshit elsewhere.

    1. Really. Explain that to Jazz Jennings who doesn’t have enough of a penis to invert into a fake vagina. Or any number of young women and men who are permanently sterilized. There are numerous other irreversible effects as well and not much research about long term effects.

      It’s not at all hateful to question the wisdom of promoting hormone and other body-altering interventions to children and youth. What IS hateful is telling kids that if they don’t conform to sex-role stereotypes, they are “born in the wrong body” and require chemical or other drastic interventions so they can conform.

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  7. Hell yes. This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Thank you for standing up for lesbians and children (and logic).

  8. Thank You for your bravery by going against the prevailing attitudes within the lgbtiq community.
    Please feel free to join us at our Facebook page, The Trans Sceptic.
    best wishes.

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