Guest Post: Liberals need to check their views on "violence"

This is a guest post by Kate, whose real name is changed for safety reasons. Image by the Untameable Shrews (@untamableshrews).

As a woman engaged in feminist discussion, having spent 15 years in the sex trade – I am getting angry with being told that “misgendering” is violence, whilst being silenced and banned for stating relevant facts about epidemic violence.

You know what I think is violent? Having had to be raped and abused by man after man in order to earn the money I needed to live. But this is not considered violence at all by the left – I am laughed at for calling it violence.

I spent time in a brothel being bought because of my female body – 85% of persons in prostitution in New Zealand are women, 99% of johns are men. Industrial prostitution is a system that exploits females: the massive demand is a male demand for female bodies.

None of these men buying female bodies to use and abuse would give one ounce of a fuck if I were actually a lesbian, or if I actually identified as a man. Not a single fuck, as long as I have the female body, and wear the uniform, and do the “job” – i.e. submit to them there and then. This we do because we have to, not because we are feminine naturally, or “identify” as women.

Like – do transactivists suggest that when females are paid less for the same job as a male, it isn’t because of men treating us unfairly because we have a female body – but actually because of our own thoughts and feelings about how we identify ourselves? That is insulting.

We live in a world where female babies are being killed at birth simply for being female babies; where atrocities such as genital mutilation are performed on female bodies, where female children are forced to marry adult men, and females who have been raped are murdered to restore “family honour”.

Recently in New Zealand, a full grown man, held down and suffocated his two-year-old female daughter and only received a 4 year sentence. I cannot understand why men want to kill female toddlers to begin with or why this type of thing is excused so easily with just a slap on the wrist.

But female babies are not being killed because of their internal feelings, thoughts, gender behaviour/or self identity. They are killed because they have female bodies. Reproductive rights, like to contraceptives and abortion, are things being denied to people with female bodies. It has nothing to do with if they identify as women or men or any other way.

Not every single thing is about gender identity. The oppression women face and that feminists resist, is about biological sex. And it does not make me a horrible person if I want to acknowledge that sex-based oppression actually exists too, and wanting to do something about that. I am not a transphobic bigot for acknowledging sex and sex-based exploitation – I am simply a female speaking out for females.

I do not happen to feel like a woman, or identify as a woman. I call myself a woman because of my female body and biology. I happen to feel like a human being the same as any other human being, who is sick of being hated simply for having this body. If being a female who wants to oppose the massive oppression I and other females face, simply for having biologically female bodies makes me a transphobe who is committing “literal violence” by typing on the internet, then I say that assertion makes you a misogynist.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Liberals need to check their views on "violence"”

  1. Thank you a hundred times over for having the courage to write on the internet. They may call it violence, but I know that without people like you writing and speaking, I wouldn’t have half the courage and sanity I do now.

  2. A woman is an adult human female. We all know what that means. Some of us even have an idea of the suffering that implies. Thank you for the acknowledgement. It’s important.

  3. Reblogged this on k p m © and commented:
    I’m still perplexed at the idea of differing feminism … but I do wonder, if our up and coming ‘liberals’, or whatever they like to call themselves, didn’t have another club to join? Possibly?
    I chose feminism, a very long time ago, as a political view / as a response / as an activist voice … I don’t particularly need a label to define what I am, however it assists with perception.
    More importantly though, I chose feminism as a response, because of the ‘violence’ I had experienced, as a woman (with a vagina) … and I did not want my daughters (with vaginas) to be recipients of this type of degradation, because they were female. This is not a perception, it is a reality. It makes me wonder of our ‘liberals’ have actually experienced any type of violence other than breaking a nail?

    I applaud this womans stance, and the ‘balls’ for saying it as it is!

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